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Luke Anthony; giving the people what they want!

Have you ever heard a song covered so well that it makes you drop your taco, get out of your chair and ovate? An interpretation so good that you might even stop listening to the beloved original? Luke Anthony James not only steals your heart, but he fills the void with a need for more. His musical talent and charismatic banter have snowballed into a feeding frenzy, where his fans flock to nourish their souls. And...without any doubt, you will become absorbed. It’s like he’s some sort of spell-swindling musical fairy, ready to sprinkle his crowd-pleasing musical fairy dust directly into your ear holes. And be careful… it’s addictive.

Luke Anthony’s debut EP, ‘Seaview Terrace’ is a modern blues time machine. It’s catchy, it’s timeless, and it’s all live.

Recorded at Yama-Nui Recording Studio tucked away in the hills of the Sunshine Coast, local talent Luke Anthony, and his guitar swindling compadre Jarryd Pascoe, layed down 5 tracks for their long awaited debut EP. Four original blues bangers, and one very relatable cover that we all know and love, Australian Crawl’s ‘The Boys Light Up’, tastefully re-worked with the fun and ferocious ‘LA’ flavours.

When Luke Anthony performs, he embeds himself completely in the song. To the point where he forgets there’s an audience in front of him. This is why people love his shows so much. So by popular demand, he is finally giving his fans what they want, a quality EP that completely captures the essence of his performance. And alongside Jarryd’s colourful guitar licks, this EP has everything any blues enthusiast strives to consume; catchy as hell soul-induced lyrics, tasty guitar licks, seamless blues arrangements, and all recorded completely live straight to tape. Like the good ol’ days.

‘Seaview Terrace’ is set to be released on the 31st of October 2019, on all your favourite streaming platforms, make sure you check it out and give these men some praise.

Listen here.

Produced, Mixed & Mastered by Paulie Bromley & Steve Summers.

Recorded at Yama-Nui Recording Studio, Kiels Mountain, QLD.

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